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Brilliant on the Basics

by Chief of Naval Personnel, Public Affairs Office
13 June 2018 As our Navy grows for the first time in nearly a generation, we need Sailors who are personally engaged in the success of our Navy as well as their own personal success. We also need leaders who encourage and enable this. NAVADMIN 095/18 introduced Brilliant on the Basics II and is a charge to reinvigorate our efforts to foster an environment where Sailors and their families want to stay Navy.

As Navy transitions to a growing force, over the next five years we will grow to an enlisted end-strength of 344,800, an increase of about 21,000 personnel from FY17 to FY23.

To retain the force to meet this increase Navy has adapted personnel policies to support this growth and Sailors can expect improved retention incentives, advancement and leadership opportunity.

The career choices, flexibility and transparency offered by Sailor 2025 programs, as well as the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act changes we are working for officers, will be critical elements to help influence the stay Navy decision.

Finally, our continuing MPT&E system transformation is designed to enable Sailor 2025 initiatives, move our systems into the 21st century, and vastly improve customer service to our Sailors and their families. These programs are just beginning to deliver and will reach their full potential in about 18-24 months.

However, the labor market is already tight and getting tighter. It is harder to attract and retain personnel who would be drawn to another workforce. This will significantly challenge our ability to grow the force.

This competition for talent will be won by retaining the right Sailors with the right skill sets who consider Navy their employer of choice. This retention effort is not just for our command teams, this is an all-hands effort. We must all be Brilliant on the Basics of retention.

The basics of retention include six key programs: command sponsorship, command indoctrination, career development boards, mentorship, ombudsman programs, and recognition programs.

These six basics form the enduring foundation upon which every successful career is launched. In many cases, these efforts represent our first opportunities to prove we are truly concerned with the well-being, professional success, and family support of our Sailors. These actions set the tone by which shipmates and families ultimately choose to stay Navy. Ensuring these basic retention programs are properly implemented in your command is an investment in the future of our Navy.

On April 23, Brilliant on the Basics II Part B message on providing an engaged environment as a key to success in retaining our Sailors was released.

All of us are responsible for creating an environment for our Sailors to feel truly vested in their Navy. Everyone has a role to play in each of these programs. Read both messages at My Navy Portal (MNP) and see how you can help your command be Brilliant on the Basics.

VIRIN: 180519-N-NB694-001

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