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Submitting Feature Print Stories

Feature print stories can be submitted via the Navy Content Management System (CMS). Ensure you select "Feature Story" as Story Priority in the CMS interface. If you do not have access to the CMS, send your feature print story to the first Public Affairs Officer in your chain of command. Feature stories must include the writer's name, rank and submitting command information, and should share a story about someone or something at your command in an interesting manner.

Submitting Feature video packages:

Submit high-resolution video features (highest resolution file type available for editing platform/ upload bandwith) with full slate (including title of video feature, name information for interview subjects, brief description of video feature) and video credit information (including full names, ranks, contact information of submitters and command/ duty station) to the Defense Media Activity - Navy Production "From the Fleet" ftp site.

To obtain login and password information view our best practices page.

Click here to be redirected to the DMA - Navy FTP site.

Acceptable video features will be posted to the Navy "From the Fleet" page on All submitted videos must meet the following requirements; have been reviewed and approved for release by a Public Affairs officer, contain only footage and narration approved for public release, does not contain copyrighted music, video or imagery.

How to Submit Photos to Navy Media Content Services

Submit high-resolution images (highest resolution JPEG capable for camera type used) with full caption and photo credit information (including full name, rank and duty station) to DO NOT RESIZE IMAGERY. Selected images will be posted to the Navy photo gallery and linked with stories as they are published to the site.

In accordance with Department of Defense visual information requirements, photographs should include a Visual Information Record Identification Number (VIRIN) in the caption, and should also use the VIRIN as the filename, i.e. VIRIN#.jpg.

A VIRIN consists of fifteen (15) data elements, in four (4) fields, separated by three hyphens, for a total of 18 characters, organized in the alphanumeric format NNNNNN-A-AANNN-NNN.

  • Field 1 (NNNNNN): The year, month and day the photo was taken.
  • Field 2 (A): The service affiliation or status of the photographer. Service affiliation or status shall be abbreviated as follows:
    • A = Uniformed member, civilian or contract employee of the Army
    • N = Uniformed member, civilian or contract employee of the Navy
    • F = Uniformed member, civilian or contract employee of the Air Force
    • M = Uniformed member, civilian or contract employee of the Marine Corps
    • G = Uniformed member, civilian or contract employee of the Coast Guard
    • D = Other Civilian or contract employee of the DoD
    • O = To indicate a person not falling into one of the categories above
  • Field 3 (AANNN):VISION ID consists of two letters and three numbers in that order. The VISION ID is permanently assigned to service members in the visual and public affairs career fields. Personnel should go to and follow the instructions on the web site to obtain their VISION ID. For questions about the VISION ID, or problems registering for the VISION ID, contact DIMOC Customer Support at 1-888-743-4662 or DSN 795-9872 or contact customer service
  • Field 4 (NNN):The approximate order in which each photo was taken by the person identified in Fields 3 and 4 on the day identified in Field 1, starting with 001 and continuing consecutively as necessary up to 999. Field 4 of the VIRIN shall reflect the approximate order of the photographs taken on a given day, without regard to variables such as media (e.g. digital or film), so that no two photographs are assigned identical VIRINs.

Example of a VIRIN: The fourth image created and not discarded by PH1(AW) John Doe, VISION ID AB123 on March 23, 2002, would be assigned the VIRIN 020323-N-AB123-004. Fields 2 and 3 of the VIRIN for an image created by more than one individual shall reflect the individual who was the lead creator or head of the team responsible for creating the image. Copies shall bear the VIRIN of the original, even if conversions between analog and digital, or changes in medium, format, compression, or size occur during the copying process. Imagery or other units of media which are derived from existing, VIRIN-bearing materials, but which differ significantly in appearance relative to that from which derived, shall, upon creation and unless discarded, be assigned their own VIRIN.

The "Image Number" field of any embedded IPTC caption shall reflect the image's VIRIN.