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Best Practices

All Hands is looking for feature stories that focus on three major areas:

  • History and Heritage: Who we were and what we did.
  • Focus on Service: Who we are and what we do.
  • Education and Training: Stories that build better and more informed Sailors by helping them make better career decisions, use programs successfully and use benefits meant for them and their families.

Feature style can vary. All Hands accepts personality features, human interest features, how-to features, seasonal features and list features. For examples of these features, please contact the Editor at


The benchmark for stories (time, talent, & resources permitting) should be some combination of print, still and video, with the preference being all three. However, whatever format (multimedia, etc.) that tells the best story is the format we want.

  • It is preferred that stories are Evergreen. If you feel your story is exactly what we are looking for, but it is timely, please mention that with your submission.
  • All Hands aims for transparency. Please do not be afraid to tell the whole story, even if the whole story reveals more than the Navy may be comfortable with. If being open will help a Sailor make a better decision about his career or will help move the Navy in a better direction, then submit it.
  • Don’ t use copyrighted music. If you have the bandwidth, time, and resources, please email CHINFO/OI2 to setup an account with This is where music for your project should come from. OI2 can be emailed at
  • Please review the All Hands website to get an idea of the caliber of story we are looking for. Your audio should be consistent, your print article should be compelling and evoke emotion, and your photos should enhance the story.
  • The event is not the story. Please step outside of the box and truly find a story worth telling. If your command started a new program, the new program is not the story, the affect it has had on Sailors is the story. The award ceremony is not the story; the reason that Sailor is being awarded is the story.
  • Tell a good story, and it will find a home.

Example Topics:

  • How to :
    • Apply for an officer program
    • Use DTS
  • Lists :
    • 5 things you need to know about
      • A PCS Move
      • Sea Pay
  • Personality Features
    • Sailor who commutes via parachute
    • MC who has qualified to be one of the first to go to Mars
  • Human Interest Features
    • Planning for life after your last C-Way look
    • Female enlisted getting orders to submarines
  • Seasonal Features :
    • Holidays
      • Veterans Day
      • Father’ s Day
    • Historical Events
      • D-Day
      • Sept. 11
    • Significant Events
      • Navy’ s Birthday
      • Chief’ s Pinning

For more information, for an SOP, or simply to talk through an idea, contact the Editor at