Gold chief's anchor with the words "FY21 Active Duty Results" in gold and white text to the right of it. - FY21 E7 Active Duty Results

FY-21 Active Duty E7 Selection Results Announced

Ski a WWII Veteran's Story next to an elderly man's face. - Ski a WWII Veteran's Story

Ski: Portrait of a WWII Pilot

Photo of three chief's covers with the words, "Reserve E7 Results" in across them in gold and black - FY 21 E7 SELRES/FTS Results

FY-21 Navy Reserve E-7 Selection Results Announced

USS Delbert D. Black DDG 119 written on a crest with the word Commissioning below it. - USS Delbert D. Black DDG 119 Commissioning Graphic

Guided Missile Destroyer Delbert D. Black Joins the Fleet

Two Senior Chief's anchors are placed in the corner of a black background with the words "Active Duty Results" written in between. - E8-E9 Active Duty Results

Active Duty E8-E9 Advancement Results Released

The words "E4-E6 SELRES Results" in gold on a black background with a silver chevron between them. - E4-E6 SELRES Results

E4-E6 SELRES Results Released


All hands Fleet titled cover showing top perspective with a sailor standing inside helicopter looking down to the submarine
All hands Fleet October Edition 2020 cover showing a sailor walking among helicopter with sunet and clouds in the background

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