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Navy Uniform Policy Update Released

8 things to know

by Chief of Naval Personnel public affairs
27 January 2017 The Navy released NAVADMIN 015/17 Jan. 26 that updates several previously announced uniform policy changes. These include specifics for the occasion for wear of Navy Security Force(NSF) identification badges/patches, revised implementation schedule for the Navy fitness suit, policy clarification for combination covers, female Service Dress Blue (SDB) covers and black slacks, safety boot wear, coyote brown command ball cap manner of wear requirements, and Cold Weather Parka insignia.

Here are 8 Things to Know:

1. Badges. Effective immediately, NSF identification badges and patches including Security Limited Duty and Chief Warrant Officers and (649X/749X) and Master-At-Arms; Correction Specialist badges/patches for Navy Enlisted Codes (NEC) of 2008, 9575 or 9516; and Chief Master-At-Arms badges/patcheswill be worn only for the duration of the Sailor's assignment.

2. Navy Fitness Suit. Production challenges delayed recruit issue of the new Navy Fitness suit at Recruit Training Command (RTC) Great Lakes; the new target date is April 1. Fleet availability for personal purchase at Navy Uniform shops and call centers will follow at a later date.

3. Dress Covers. The new deadline for mandatory wear of the Alternate and Unisex Combination Covers for female officers and Chief Petty Officers is extended from Oct. 31, 2016, to Oct. 31, 2018. The enlisted White Hat remains mandatory for wear with jumper style uniforms only.

4. Female Officer and Chief Petty Officer SDB Uniform. Effective immediately, the optional wear of male officer's and chief petty officer's SDB Trousers is authorized with the female SDB uniform.

5. Enlisted SDB. Enlisted female Sailors E-1 - E-6 may wear the SDB uniform with four button jacket and slacks or skirt until Dec. 31, 2019. The female enlisted combination cover shall be worn with the optional SDB uniform. The new jumper style female enlisted SDB began
introduction at RTC Oct. 1 and Fleet availability is expected to commence in February.

6. Safety Boots. The black leather safety boots (steel-toed) are the standard boots worn with the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III. Commanding officers may authorize the optional wear of the Navy certified desert tan or coyote brown rough-side-out leather non-safety boots when safety boots are not required.

7. Coyote Brown Command Ball Cap. The manner and occasion for wear of the Coyote Brown Command Ball Cap with the NWU Type III, is to be consistent with how the Blue Command Ball Cap is worn.

8. Cold Weather Parka. Sailors E-4 through O-10 will wear rank insignia, either a metal rank insignia or NWU Type I slip-on rank insignia, centered on the rank tab of the Cold Weather Parka.

For details and more information on the uniform update read NAVADMIN 015/17 at

Navy uniform feedback and recommendations can be sent to "Ask The Master
Chief" on the web at or by email at umo_cmc(at)