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Letter To The Board

Steps to fixing your record and communicating with the selection board

by Terrina Weatherspoon, Defense Media Activity; Master Chief Yeoman Charles Hester; Master Chief Legalman Karen Colaiacovo; and Chief Hospital Corpsman Marlene Rivera
20 April 2016 Keeping up with administrative requirements in the Navy may just be the toughest job each Sailor has. In a perfect world, every Sailor is keeping multiple copies of their awards, evals, qualifications, degrees and are checking their record regularly to make sure that everything is being correctly documented and if not, is taking immediate action to rectify the situation.

In reality, many Sailors will wait until they find out they are chief petty officer selection board eligible. Then they will submit a package to the board with 150 documents and will spend the next three months trying to contact old commands to get copies of evals that never made it into their record.

Having a jacked up record is a sure fire way of ensuring you are not selected. If you cannot take care of yourself, how on earth can the board trust you to take care of your Sailors?
But not to worry. This article is going to break down the process of submitting a package to the board and correcting your records. So let us begin.

First, review NAVADMIN 278/16


The first thing you want to do is make sure that you do not have any missing evals in your record. There is a very easy way to do this.

1. Using your CAC, log onto

2. From the center menu click CCA/FITREP/EVAL Reports

3. Under Reports click the highlighted Performance Evaluation Continuity Report

4. Scroll to the bottom. Under Missing Periods you will see any evaluation gaps you have. Even if you don't appear to have any gaps, go line by line through the report, just to verify. If you do have gaps and do not know the location of a reporting senior, or need other assistance in resolving these missing periods, contact the Navy Personnel Command Service Center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC.

Evaluations, correction letters, extension letters and statements in lieu of evaluation must be sent to NPC, PERS-32.

Example letters can be found below.

Correction letter

Statement in lieu of evaluation


1. Using your CAC, log onto

2. From the center menu click on your OMPF
This is your record. The board will see everything in field codes 30 through 38. This includes enlistment and reenlistment contracts, history of assignments, administrative remarks, DD-214s, miscellaneous professional service history, evaluations, training and education, decorations and awards and all adverse information.

Make sure your evals are readable, that they reflect the correct social security number, the correct spelling of your name and properly documented PFA scores.

While in BOL, go to the 'ODC, OSR, PSR' tab and open your PSR. The board will see PSR part I, II, and III. Review those so you know exactly what the board is seeing.


So you've checked your record and one of two things happened. Either everything was in there and you are good to go, or you have things you need to add or correct. If everything is good to go, you may still choose to send a letter to the board notifying them that you have checked your record and have found no discrepancies. However, this is not mandatory or even necessary.

If there were things you needed to have added to your record, you may choose to send those things to the board, despite having taken measures to correct them. This will ensure the board sees them and considers them. If you have accomplished significant achievements since your last evaluation that you want the board to consider, then you will need to write a letter and submit a package.

You can find a sample letter to the board here.


Please include any awards, degrees, qualifications, and achievements that are not yet in your record and that you would like the board to consider. It is critical to make sure your SSN is documented in the upper left corner of every page you submit. Do not be redundant. There is no reason to submit your history of assignments, your qualification sheet, your awards print out or anything else that can be found in your record. Your job is only to ensure your record is an accurate reflection of your career, fix any discrepancies, and send the board a letter with significant information you want them to consider. **Remember that just sending this information to the board is not going to get it updated in your record.


The preferred method for submission of a LTB is by encrypted email to E-mailed LTBs must be encrypted to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Trouble with file encryption or certificate issues does not justify a late LTB.

If the candidate is unable to send an encrypted e-mail, they may utilize the safe access file exchange (SAFE) website at to transmit their LTB to In order for the LTBs to be considered by the board, the NPC CSC must receive the e-mail notification of the file upload from SAFE before the LTB deadline.

If unable to email or use the SAFE website, candidates may use regular mail to the addresses below:

(1) SELRES/Mobilized E7 Board:
Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center

FY-17 Reserve E7 Selection Board #335
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055

(2) FTS E7 Board:
Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
FY-17 Reserve E7 Selection Board #336
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055

(3) Active E7 Board:
Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
FY-17 Active E7 Selection Board #360
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055

Certified or registered mail is not advised due to delays in handling.


The information you sent into does not go into your record. You must do the following to update your record.

Generally, performance evaluations should be submitted by the command who issued the report to the member. The command's administrative officer should be contacted to ensure proper and timely submission of performance evaluations. When submitting missing performance evaluation(s) directly to PERS 32 mail a copy to the following address:

The copy must display all required signatures, initials, dates, and social security numbers. If member is part of a summary group all reports in the summary group must be received in order to process the reports.

Navy Personnel Command
Pers 32
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-3201


1. Click here for more information on awards information.

2. Fill out the top of the form and hit search in the right hand corner.

Are all your awards there? Do you have copies of what's missing? If so, take those copies to your NDAWS Authority so they can verify authenticity and submit them electronically.

NDAWS will only reflect Combat Action Ribbons or higher, so if you have FLOCs, MUCs, Pistol quals, etc., you can verify those in NSIPS. (CAC enabled website)

How do I get an award certificate into my OMPF? Here are the steps, 1-2-3

1.Check to see that the award has been entered into the Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS) at Select 'personal awards,' then 'personal awards query' on the right.

2.If it is reflecting accurately in NDAWS, print your full SSN in the upper right corner of the award, and send a copy to PERS-313 (Navy Personnel Command, PERS-313, 5720 Integrity Dr. Millington, TN 38055), or ask your command to mail it. That's it!

3.If it has not been entered into NDAWS, or is in error, ask your admin office to contact the NDAWS authority for your command (or your command may be an NDAWS authority) for assistance. The NDAWS authority will authenticate the award with the assistance of you and your command by following the policy guidance provided on the NDAWS Authority page of the website then they will mail a copy to your OMPF.


1. Go to (CAC enabled website)

2. Register for your Joint Services Transcript.

3. Click Transcripts at the top.

Is your degree there? If not, you will need to contact the college and have them mail your official transcripts to:
NETPDTC, Joint Services Transcript (JST)
ATTN: JST Operations Center N615
6490 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, FL 32509

This needs to come from your college. You cannot mail this in yourself. Only OFFICIAL transcripts received directly from the school via mail or a secure electronic transcript service to the JST OPERATIONS CENTER will be accepted. Academic degrees and academic certificates will be added to the Academic Courses page of the JST which will transmit to other Navy records.

For more general information click the link below. (CAC enabled website)

Click for more information on the Enlisted Advancement Selection Boards and Personnel Record Review.