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We Will Never Forget

Twelve years later with war ongoing, the ultimate price is still being paid

by Journalist 1st Class (SW) Sherri Onorati, USS Wasp Public Affairs
11 September 2013 All Hands remembers Draftsman 2nd Class Michael Noeth. Noeth's first tour was with the USS Russell, and during that time he was temporarily assigned to the All Hands production staff. His painting ran as the cover of All Hands in the April 1998 issue and many of his other paintings were published in other issues. In his honor we are running a story written by one of his co-workers right after the attacks. She considered Noeth a good shipmate and a great friend. Please take a moment today to remember Noeth, as well as the others who lost their lives that day.

"This is a story I wrote immediately after 9/11 and after learning that one of my co-workers, a friend who worked for me onboard USS WASP for three years, had been killed at the Pentagon. I can't tell you how that felt to get that phone call. I was on duty and we were watching it unfold on TV. We were scared because we knew that Mike was in the Pentagon that day and worried for his safety. I remember there being talk that out of that huge building and thousands of people being inside, why did Mike have to be one who died. We could hardly see the TV through the tears that were streaming down our faces, praying that he was okay and that the call was a mistake. But it wasn't. Mike was gone and he wouldn't have wished anyone else to have taken his place. He loved the Navy and he loved being a Sailor. He was a hero. He was our hero.

In the years since his death, I don't think a week has ever gone by when I haven't thought of him. Something always happens that triggers a memory... Garth Brooks' song The Dance... I'll catch eye of the miniature stein he brought me back from Germany sitting on my display shelf... someone mentions 9/11... the death of Osama bin Laden ...

There was mixed feelings among many people on hearing the news of bin Laden's death. Some say it's wrong to rejoice in his demise... but I can feel nothing but relief... and yes, enjoyment. We waited... I waited for that ending."

All things in the world are two. In our minds we are two - good and evil. With our eyes we see two things - things that are fair and things that are ugly... We have the right hand that strikes and makes for evil, and the left hand full of kindness, near the heart. One foot may lead us to an evil way, the other foot may lead us to a good. So are all things two. - Eagle Chief, Pawnee

Michael, please rest in peace now shipmate.

VIRIN: 130912-N-CZ848-001

Pentagon Blast Felt Close to Home

By Journalist 1st Class (SW) Sherri Onorati,
USS Wasp Public Affairs

This past week, terrorists attacked the United States in its own backyard. The nation's sense of security was destroyed, its innocence truly lost. Never did America really believe such a thing could happen. As citizens across the country watched in disbelief, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed. Then, as Americans continued to watch in horror, the Pentagon, the center of America's "military might," was attacked by a commercial airplane filled with innocent Americans.
It is unthinkable to Americans, such madness and barbarism can still exist in the modern world today; that terrorists could use American-made hardware and civilians in such a manner against the nation.

As all of America weeps in pain and stares in disbelief at the images flashed across television sets, Sailors of USS Wasp (LHD 1) also feel the pain a bit closer to home. A former Wasp crewmember, Illustrator/Draftsman 2nd Class Michael Allen Noeth is among the missing and presumed killed in the Pentagon attack. Noeth, of Jackson Heights, N.Y., was an extremely talented artist, was recently transferred to the Pentagon to paint portraits of the former Chiefs of Naval Operations.

"He was so proud of himself when he received those orders," said Petty Officer First Class Saundra Harris. "He thought it to be a great honor to be asked to paint portraits of the former CNOs."

Noeth, an accomplished artist known for his naval-themed paintings, found himself among the elite last year when he was invited to display his personal paintings during an art exhibit held at the Montserrat Art Gallery in New York City. During his exhibit, he sold five of his paintings. While enlisting in the U.S. Navy as a deck seaman in 1994, Noeth's paintings were soon noticed by the art director from the Navy's "All Hands" magazine, who expressed an interest in his work. Noeth was eventually assigned temporarily to the All Hands magazine production staff where he had numerous paintings published. One of his paintings was reproduced for the cover of the All Hands April 1998 "Year of the Ocean" issue. Noeth was assigned to Wasp from October 1998 to October 2000, and left many friends and shipmates aboard to feel his loss.

"Mike was a funny, friendly person. He was a riot during the Med Cruise talent show, and would do impressions of the taxi drivers in New York, that always made you laugh," said Journalist 2nd Class Kory Deur.

Americans and Sailors will weep and mourn for their lost shipmates. But Americans and Sailors will rise in defense of the country when freedom is threatened. Yes, the nation is in tremendous pain, but throughout America's history, adversity has made the country stronger. Noeth used to say that he painted pictures of the Navy because he wanted people to realize that their freedom and protection comes from the sweat of the Sailors on board. To the shipmates he has left behind, his visions of naval life at sea, will always be a constant reminder of his dream.

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