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Author: By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jason Kofonow, Defense Media Activity

People in the water infront of a sinking ship. - The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis

The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis

The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis

The sinking of the USS Indianapolis (CA 35) has solidified itself in popular culture in the form of a four and a half minute monologue performed by Robert Shaw in the movie Jaws.  For the 317 Sailors who were pulled from the ocean and the 14 who attended the 70th Anniversary reunion in Indianapolis, Indiana, their heroic story of survival is more than a monologue.

Caring For Exceptional Family Members

Boy or girl, when news of a pregnancy arrives, most parents are only hoping for a healthy child. When Tristan was born, his parents could not have imagined the long road that lay ahead for their second son to get to good health.