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Fall 2019 Petty Officer Advancement Quotas Released


by Chief of Naval Personnel public affairs
25 November 2019

The Navy released the fall petty officer advancement quotas for active duty and Full Time Support (FTS) Sailors to advance to E4, E5 and E6, Nov. 25.


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Petty officer Quotas_1440
Petty officer Quotas_1440
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SELRES quotas are being re-verified and will be released as soon as possible.


There are multiple paths to advancement and the Navy Wide Advancement Exam (NWAE) is just one part of the overall advancement opportunity for eligible Sailors.  The total advancement opportunity captures all those paths to advancement. There are four scheduled opportunities to petty officer advancement for active duty and FTS: Spring and Fall NWAE cycles and two MAP seasons, which align with the NWAE cycles. 


Previously, for active duty and FTS Sailors, the advancement opportunity percentage released each Navy Wide Advancement Exam (NWAE) was based solely on the percentage of test-takers who passed the exam for their rate. This method of calculating is not an accurate method to depict advancement opportunity because the two Meritorious Advancement Program (MAP) seasons and other paths to advancement are not factored in to the formula previously used.  


A new method of calculating the advancement opportunity was announced with the release of the spring petty officer advancement quotas. The new method reflects the total advancement opportunity for the entire paygrade, to include MAP, Selective Training and Reenlistment Program (STAR), Professional Apprenticeship Career Tracks obligated service (PACT OBLISERV), and Advancement-to-Position instead of solely reflecting the advancement percentage of those Sailors who passed the exam. This calculation applies only to active duty and FTS.

There are some overmanned ratings which will have lower advancement opportunity this cycle.

“We understand advancement opportunity may be lower in overmanned ratings and we want those Sailors to know their skill sets are still valued and highly sought after,” said Capt. Angela Katson, head of Enlisted Force Shaping Plans and Policies. “As such, Sailors can seek advancement opportunities by cross-rating to undermanned ratings.”  

This fall, advancement opportunity to E4 and E5 for active duty petty officers remains steady. There is a dip in advancement opportunity to E6.  


Overall advancement opportunities for FTS Sailors has declined due to changes in force requirements.


Active duty quotas and total advancement opportunity by pay grade are:

E-4 NWAE quotas: 5,051

E-4 MAP quotas: 1,897

E-4 Total Advancement Opportunity: 22%


E-5 NWAE quotas: 6,128

E-5 MAP quotas: 1,745

E-5 Total Advancement Opportunity: 16%


E-6 NWAE quotas: 2,940

E-6 MAP quotas: 489

E-6 Total Advancement Opportunity: 7%


FTS quotas and total advancement opportunity by pay grade are:

E-4 NWAE quotas: 165

E-4 MAP quotas: 19

E-4 Total Advancement Opportunity: 31%


E-5 NWAE quotas: 182

E-5 MAP quotas: 48

E-5 Total Advancement Opportunity: 24%


E-6 NWAE quotas: 119

E-6 MAP quotas: 18

E-6 Total Advancement Opportunity: 5%

The spring 2019 petty officer advancement quotas can be viewed here:


Command triads will be notified via BUPERS Online (BOL) of their Sailors' advancement results Nov. 26, at approximately 11 a. m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). 

Individual Sailor advancement notifications will be posted on BOL, Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS), and a list of those advance will be posted on All Hands Magazine at on Nov. 27, at approximately 11 a. m. EDT.

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