Enlisted Advancement Worksheet Goes Electronic

Streamlining the Process

by Mass Communication Specialist Second Class Brittney Kinsey, All Hands Magazine
18 April 2019

The days of paper advancement sheets will soon be a thing of the past for Sailors. Beginning with the Fall 2019 active duty (Cycle 244) and reserve component (Cycle 105) advancement exams, automated enlisted advancement worksheets (EAW) will become the official source of recorded advancement eligibility.

The process will electronically create worksheets for time-in-rate eligible Sailors, forward them for review and allow designated personnel to update and send worksheets to the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) to determine Final Multiple Scores (FMS) for Sailors.
The Navy launched its EAW pilot program in December 2018 to test system capabilities and develop training for future users.

Previously Sailors received EAWs from a command Educational Services Officer (ESO) who filled them out by hand. Any information not corrected before testing were submitted after the exam was completed, but with the rollout of electronic worksheets Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) believes the process will be streamlined.

“The change from paper to electronic advancement worksheets will not only make it easier for Sailors and ESOs, but it will help eliminate many of the common errors that traditionally hampered the advancement cycle processes. This is a significant modernization effort that will surely be a value-added improvement for the Navy,” said Capt. Kertreck Brooks, commanding officer NETPDC.

Some changes to the EAW process include:
* Sailors with existing Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) self-service accounts will automatically have access to their EAW.
* The process will allow Sailors to review and upload supporting documents for each exam cycle.
* Performance Mark Averages and awards points will be calculated automatically and sent to NEAS.
* Sailors can also access their EAW and post-exam administrative comments via the MyNavy Portal advancement dashboard and route comments to ESOs.

The update is a part of the Navy's larger Sailor 2025 Pay and Personnel System Modernization plan that will give Sailors more ownership over their EAW said, Master Chief Personnel Specialist Anton Fitz, enlisted advancement planner for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (N132). “Sailors will be have the ability to view their EAW months before the exam, providing additional time for corrections, if needed."

Navy-wide implementation of electronic EAWs will begin June 2019 when worksheets are released to ESOs; however, the NSIPS Web-Afloat rollout will be dependent on the ship-modernization process, according to NETPDC.

More details on command and other user roles and responsibilities can be found in NAVADMIN 316/18 and online at NPC's enlisted career administration advancement pages, here.

Sailors can also get assistance via the NSIPS help desk: Toll free: 877-589-599, Comm.: 504-697-5442, DSN: 312-647-5442 and NSIPSHelpDesk@navy.mil

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