Navy TPC Fixing PCS Travel Claim Backlog

5 Things to Know

by Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs
09 February 2018 Navy leaders said the Navy's Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Travel Processing Center (TPC) Memphis is currently experiencing a significant backlog in processing travel claims. 1. TPC Memphis is processing a backlog of 7,500 claims with a settlement time between 60 and 70 days. A series of events increased travel claim volume, including IT system failures, a large number of PCS orders released at the end of the fiscal year, natural disaster evacuations, inclement weather base closures and a furlough. This caused claims processing to exceed the mandated 30 day processing time required by the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR).

2. "This is not the kind of customer service that we want to provide our Sailors. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve this situation, and expedite processing your travel claims." said Rear Adm. John Nowell, Commander, Navy Personnel Command.

3. Navy Personnel Command's (NPC) Pay and Personnel Department has taken steps to eliminate the backlog. Travel claims specialists across the Navy rotated through TPC Memphis from August - December 2017. Tiger teams and additional military and civilian personnel, including a second shift are assisting with the backlog until processing times are within standards.

4. "We understand how stressful it is for families in transition and how important it is to get travel claims settled and money back in Sailors' hands," said Ann Stewart, director, Pay and Personnel Department, NPC. "We are committed to getting this fixed quickly. Our Sailors and their families are important to us and we are dedicated to providing superior customer service."

5. Currently, TPC Memphis is processing claims from mid-November, and anticipates returning to the 30-day processing requirement by mid-March.

For information and tips on how to submit travel claims, resources are available at
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