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Personnel Tempo

by Navy Personnel Command
02 February 2018 1. Personnel Tempo (PERSTEMPO) is a congressionally mandated program that is used to track and report the time a service member is away from home. It defines time away from home as any time Sailors are engaged in official duties at locations or under circumstances that make it unfeasible for them to spend off-duty time in their homes. 2. Personnel Tempo is reported by commands through BUPERS Online (BOL). Navy Personnel Command (NPC) has also provided a new capability - My PERSTEMPO - for Sailors to track their own time away from home in BOL or via My Navy Portal (MNP). This will make it easier for Sailors to work with their commands to make any necessary corrections.

3. My PERSTEMPO also helps Navy personnel understand the benefits related to their deployment lengths, including when they become eligible for Hardship Duty Pay - Tempo (HDP-T).

4. According to NAVADMIN 221/14, the Navy began compensating Sailors for extended deployments, Sept. 17, 2014. Then-Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus authorized HDP-T for active-duty and Reserve Sailors who are deployed beyond 220 consecutive days. HDP-T is paid at a rate of $495 per month, prorated daily.

- Approximately 1,863 officer and 14,436 enlisted Sailors received about $11.192 million in HDP-T in FY15.
- Approximately 1,364 officer and 10,128 enlisted Sailors received about $5.663 million in FY16.
- Approximately 394 officer and 1,052 enlisted Sailors received about $1.153 million in HDP-T in FY17.

5. The PERSTEMPO online transaction tool has also been improved to provide Navy PERSTEMPO coordinators at all unit identification codes (UIC) a better and easier method for inputting and updating PERSTEMPO information into the system, with new definitions and screen prompts facilitating user entry of the PERSTEMPO information.
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