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Five Things to Know

Preparing for a selection board, keeping your record up to date

by Naval Personnel Command
29 January 2018 1. Check your record three or four months before it's due to be reviewed by a selection board. Make sure all your evaluations and fitness reports are included, and that there are no gaps in your performance history. Also make sure you've entered any personal awards, qualifications or off-duty education that you wish the board to consider. Note: All active duty and Reserve personnel who have a BUPERS Online (BOL) account, a common access card (CAC) and a CAC-enabled computer may view their official military personnel files (OMPF) online by selecting the "OMPF - My Record" link under the BOL Application Menu. The record reflects documents that have been received, reviewed and accepted as official documents. Documents that have been sent to Navy Personnel Command (NPC) within the past few months may still be in the process of being scanned to the OMPF record. Do not resend these documents.

2. If your record is missing items that you would like the selection board to consider, you may send a letter to the board (LTB). Each NAVADMIN announcing a selection board includes the process for submitting an LTB. The preferred method is via encrypted email to: (Emailed LTBs must be encrypted to protect personally identifiable information.) If email is unavailable, candidates may send regular mail to the address in the NAVADMIN. Mailed LTBs should be on plain white paper and paper clipped (no staples, binders, folders, or tabs). All LTBs and each enclosure must contain the candidate's full name and full social security number. When submitting their packages, candidates must also verify that the correct board number is on their signed cover letters.

All submission deadlines are in the NAVADMIN and must be received either electronically or physically before 11:59 p.m. Central time on the due date. The FY18 National Defense Authorization Act changed the due date from the day before the board convening date to 10 days before the convening date.

3. Verify that your LTB has been received at or call the NPC Customer Service Center at 866-U-ASK-NPC (DSN 882-5672).

4. Remember that documents you have forwarded to the selection board are not incorporated into your permanent record. Don't forget to update your OMPF.

To add awards like Meritorious Service Medals or Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medals, submit them to your command's Navy department awards web-service (NDAWS) authority, which will validate the award and then upload it to NDAWS. That authority is usually the command pay/personnel administrator (CPPA), supporting personnel support detachment (PSD), customer service desk (CSD) or Navy operational personnel support detachment.

Documentation of higher education - college degrees, certificates, diplomas or transcripts - must be sent to the following:

Officers must submit to NPC, PERS-450. Visit for more information.

Enlisted must submit to:

NETPDTC, Joint Services Transcript (JST)
ATTN: JST Operations Center N615
6490 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, FL 32509

Evaluation reports, fitness reports (and all related documents, such as correction letters, extension letters and statements) must be sent to NPC, PERS-32:

Navy Personnel Command, PERS-32
5720 Integrity Dr.
Millington, TN 38055

5. Other documents may be updated by the service member, such as the record of emergency data. It is crucial to review this information routinely. The information should be updated whenever there is a change: for instance, if the service member marries, divorces or has a child, or if one of the beneficiaries moves or changes.