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Holding the Standard

MCPON Orders Stand Down for CPO 365 Phase II

by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Christopher E. Tucker, Defense Media Activity
13 August 2013 Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Mike Stevens ordered a two-day "all stop" to CPO 365 Phase II training to give the Chiefs Mess a chance to review his guidance and policies related to the training. CPO 365 is a year-round training initiative that Chiefs Messes throughout the Navy take on to prepare first class petty officers to become chiefs. Phase II of CPO 365 begins when the chief petty officer selection board results are released, which occurred Aug. 1 this year.

In an email sent to Fleet and Force Master Chiefs Aug. 9, MCPON directed CPO Messes around the world to stop training from 7 a.m., Aug 12 to 7 a.m., Aug.14.

"I've had two anonymous reports of unprofessional behavior happening during CPO 365 Phase II," said Stevens. "It's important to give every CPO Mess a moment to take time and review the CPO guidance, ensuring that all are operating within the guidelines that were prescribed. It is important that we continue to train chief petty officer selectees while operating within the guidelines and that is not open for interpretation. This should be a rewarding experience."

Chiefs around the world were directed to use the stand down time to review MCPON's CPO 365 guidance as well as the Navy's policy on hazing.

Fleet Master Chief Chuck Clarke, the fleet master chief for U.S. Fleet Forces Command, said the stand down was a chance to ensure all chiefs were conducting the Phase II training in a professional manner.

"This transition from first class to chief petty officer is a career milestone these Sailors will remember for the rest of their lives," said Clarke. "Every chief must be on the same page and understand that we can produce 'Tested, Tried and Accepted' leaders through a CPO 365 process that is not only meaningful and memorable, but that is professional beyond reproach and is aligned with our Navy Ethos and core values."

In his email, Stevens said Chiefs Messes were allowed to continue to conduct the chief petty officer indoctrination classes for selectees during the stand down, but that was the only training authorized during the two-day pause.

To read MCPON's guidance for CPO 365, click here.